Remodeling Plans & Gallery


When you're ready to make your home work better for you and your family, I can help you make that happen.  Whether it's an updated kitchen, bathroom, new addition, family room, or a complete home refresh, I'll work through the 5 Key Design Stages to help you evaluate the options to make the best use of your investment.  Similar to new construction, we'll review your goals and dreams first, then put some realistic options together for what makes sense so you can prioritize projects. 

Once you have a direction we'll work through floorplans and review the details until you have what you need to proceed with construction, confident that you're making the right decisions to improve your  home.  But no matter the size of the project, the goal remains the same - how to make your space work better for you and your family!

Here are pricing examples for what some common remodel designs might cost.  As the project scope can vary greatly based your needs, the prices listed are to give you an idea of what is typical.

   Remodel Design Pricing 

  • Budgeting & Planning Consultation ... starting from $245
  • Simple Bathroom or Kitchen Update Design  ... starting from $495
  • Ikea Cabinet Design ... starting from $595 (cabinet design, customizations, & Ikea parts list)
  • Basements, Additions, Whole-House Remodels ... $1000-$3000 depending on the scope

Note that while our plans follow normal national building codes, each state and local code application and enforcement varies and changes over time.  Usually the plans themselves don't need to be altered, however specifications and other details may need to be updated & included prior to applying for building permits.  This is typical and often completed without my involvement, however I can provide custom detailed drawings if needed.  Also note that structural specifications will need to be provided by your builder or suppliers (which is typical) as this also varies by codes & location.

1950's Mid-Century Ranch Remodel

       Whole house remodel project for a 1950's ranch home.

Modern Kitchen & Bar Update

       Kitchen remodel project to improve the flow and better utilize the space.

1900's Tudor Style Remodel

       Whole house remodel project for an original Tudor home.

1980's Lake Home Remodel

       Kitchen remodel project for a Scandinavian home.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen

       1960's Ranch Kitchen remodel project.

Please let me know if you'd like more information, or if you're ready to setup a free consultation regarding your project!