Stock House Plans For Sale

These plans are a great starting point for your building project and can reduce the time and expense of the design process.  If there's something close to your needs we can modify the plans create a tailored plan just for you and your family. 

Stock plans include PDF copies of the elevations, floor plans, and foundation (e.g. basement/crawl-space/slab) as they were originally drawn, along with a release for making copies and a one-time license to build the house.  I have a number of other plans and variations available that I will be adding, so please reach out if you are interested in other options.

Craftsman 1-Story Design

Efficient Craftsman Design
1870 SF 3 Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern Design

Modern Mid-Century Design
1650 SF Plus Lower Level


Craftsman 2-Story Design
2970 SF 4 Bedroom

4 Bedroom Craftsman

Smaller Craftsman Home
2370 SF 4 Bedroom

TH-Prairie 2-Story

Modern Prairie Style
3400 SF 5 Bedroom


Craftsman Home Design
2180 SF Plus Lower Level


Craftsman Home Design
2292 SF Plus Lower Level


Craftsman Home Design
3000 SF 4 Bedroom


Farmhouse Family Design
3470 SF 4 Bedroom

Stock Plan Pricing (PDF Files, electronically delivered)

  • Single Level Home Plans  ... $1395
  • Two Story Home Plans ... $1795

Custom Modifications ... starting at $225 depending on the extent/number of changes

TO ORDER:  Contact Jeff to Finalize the Plan/Details.

The plans are normally emailed to you within 2-3 business days for stock plans without modification requests.  By finalizing the order we'll make sure you have what you need for your project (e.g. reverse plans, side-loaded garage, etc.), or suggest other potential plans that might meet your needs better.  I promise this isn't a sales tactic, but I want to make sure you get want you're paying for!

Note that while our plans generally follow the national building codes at the time of creation, each state and local code application and enforcement varies and changes over time.  Usually the plans themselves don't need to be altered, however specifications such as insulation, foundations, and other details will need to be finalized by your contractor prior to applying for building permits.  This is typical and often completed without our involvement, however we can provide custom detailed drawings if needed.  

Also note that structural specifications will need to be provided by your builder or suppliers (which is also typical) and may require engineering approvals based on your local codes as these vary by state and location.  For example, I've yet to meet a truss company that wanted to use someone else's specifications for the floors or roofs, as they're on the hook for making them right.