Why Hire Me For Your Project?


Realistic, Well Planned Spaces

Artisan isn't your typical house plan reseller with 3000 generic house plans for sale that all blend together.  We also aren't a "design with no limits" firm that creates a masterpiece that you can't afford to build.  Instead, my focus is on designing well planned spaces that are realistic and fit your needs, wants, and budget.  

Designed for Your Unique Needs

While I'm not an architect I've been designing homes and spaces for clients for over 20 years.  My designs are focused on how you will actually live in the space, with added details that give the home character and an inherent comfort.   Influenced by many of the Not So Big© design concepts that emphasize quality materials and details over size, I tend to focus on homes in the 1000 - 3000 square foot range that are well thought-out and right-sized for your unique lifestyle.

Modern Prairie

Working As Your Guide

My design approach is consultative - first gathering your needs, wants, and dreams - then combining those with creative options for you to review.  I'll take into account best practices from building science, building codes, and of course your budget, as guidelines for the design to create your plans.  Then as your guide through the process, we'll review the plans and options that make sense to you, refine the details, and help get you ready to move forward with a project that you're excited about.   

Services On Your Terms

Just as each client situation is different, my approach to the project is customized to match your needs.  I've worked with clients in all different types of arrangements based on what they need. 

  • Planning & Budgeting Only ... for when you just want to figure out what's possible/feasible
  • Concept Plans ... for when you're not ready to build, but want to get a design to help clarify your goals
  • Stock Plans & Semi-Custom Plans ... you've found one of our existing plan that works for you (or almost)
  • All-In ... you're ready to get started building and want plans, interior elevations, and other specs 
So no matter where you're at in your planning, I can help you move your project forward to the next step, and it all starts with an initial free conversation first to make sure we're a good fit for each other.

Optional Guidance Services

Once the plans are ready to go, you have the option to use my Guidance Services to assist with detailed budgeting, material selections, and other support during the build phase.  With hundreds of decisions to be made while building it can be overwhelming, so my services are designed to help simplify things where I can and provide you with the peace of mind to feel confident that you're moving in the right direction.  While I can't help you with the hands-on construction for your project, my goal is to help your new space come to life in the easiest way possible!